Is your Athlete ready for the Big Pond?

Get a game plan for the day.

Workouts vary by day and also include position specific drill work

‚ÄčRemember that kid on the other side of the field last year? The one who was just as big and strong as your child?  They may be your childs competition for playing time, and starting spot this fall. High school is the great equalizer and playing time is earned in the offseason. Is your child ready for the next level? What are they doing this summer to earn that spot?

Fresh 30 was born out of need. It is designed to equip younger players with the tools they need to be successful for high school and beyond. Studies have shown that many incoming freshmen are not in the proper shape they need to be when they start the 9th grade. In addition it took an average of 18 months of consistent weight room training, proper technique coaching, and most importantly proper stretching methods to allow the athletes not only to get stronger in the weight room but also to prevent injuries.

Fresh 30 is designed to get that process jump started. Athletes get a customized daily training program via our Total Trainer App. The workouts are complete with agenda and video demonstrating proper form. In addition Total trainer can be accessed by highschool coaches. So if your athlete is working out with their high school team this summer their coach can add team workouts and personal goals to the program as well as track your athletes progress.

The Fresh 30 program is part of the MGA training camp after care program and all attendees receive acess to the program.