Session #4

Skills development.

This session is designed to teach the athlete the drills they can use after camp to improve technique and skill. 

Camp End 4:00pm

Day 2  Phase 4 Start 9:00 am

Maurice Brown JR. is the Director of our football curriculum.

Coach Brown has over 20 years of coaching experience. He brings  a wealth of football knowledge to MGA.

Coach Brown's desire for helping athletes be great on the field is only out matched by his passion to help them be great off the field.

Coach Brown has coached at the youth and Varsity levels for both

football and basketball. 

Coach Brown is a graduate of The University of Wisconsin Stevens Point and Homestead High school.

​Coach Brown and his wife Jennifer are the proud parents of Dylan.

Session #2
Skills assessment.

Athletes complete a combine style circuit which tests their position specific skill set. By assessing each athlete's individual skill set, we can group athlete's based on specific needs instead of using the more common one drill for all curriculum .

Session #1 

Athletic assessment 

Athletes complete a combine circuit to evaluate their strength, speed and agility. The circuit allows us to better evaluate each athlete on an individual basis and establish a base line. Establishing a baseline helps ensure that athletes are grouped with similar athletic ability which allows us to maximize our instruction and help the athlete advance. 

Midwest Gridiron Academy training camps focus on long term athlete development. In addition to skills development our curriculum gives athletes the tools to develop their speed, strength and agility. The training doesn't end when camp is over. All athletes who attend one of our ​​training camps get unlimited access to the Total Trainer Virtual Coach. Total Trainer makes it possible to train year round with a customized training program specific to the athletes position, age, and skill level.  **Please note MGA training camps do not teach kicking or punting skills.

2017 Team Wisconsin National Championship team Tryouts

We are sorry but we try and maintain a player coach relationship at all our camps to make sure that every athletes gets the maximum benefit. We have reached our player limit at this time and registration for this event is closed. Please contact us for additional events and camps



All MGA training camp sessions begin with a dynamic warm up designed to engage muscles and train them to perform. This isn’t just butt kicks and knee bends. This warm up is designed to get the body and brain firing. 

Tryouts for Team Wisconsin will be held starting late July 2017. Tryouts are open to all players entering 6th thru 8th grades. For more information on Wisconsin's Youth All State Team or to be updated on tryouts in your area please use the form below.

​MGA training camps are broken into 4 phases each phase helps our coaches spot strengths and identify areas that need improvement. This approach allows us to customize a training program that is more likely to keep the athlete motivated engaged and advancing towards greatness.  

​​The Cost to attend our 2 day training camp is  $195.00

​Early Bird Discount $145.00 (must register by July 13th)

​Registration Deadline is July17th

Cost includes:

Dri fit shirt, Lunch both days, and 1 year access to Total Trainer Virtual training program. 

Session #3​

​We begin session 3 with a brief stretching exercise and dynamic warm up. After warm up we begin with our core speed, strength and conditions drills. Athletes are shown proper technique and we explain how they will benefit from each exercise

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Day 1  Phase 1, 2 and 3 Start 8:00 am

Freshmen Only

​LUNCH (provided) 

MGA Training Camp July 22ndth and 23rd 2017 at Hart Park, Wauwatosa WI.

​Open to athletes entering grades 6-9th. All Positions welcome**

Director of Football Programing

Welcome to Midwest Gridiron Academy, ​
​Training Camps, 7v7, and Wisconsin's only All State Youth National Championship team. If it involves football, MGA has a program for you.


Remember that kid on the other side of the field last year? The one who was just as big and strong as your son? He may be your son's compitition for playing time, and starting spot this fall.

High school is the great equalizer and playing time is earned in the offseason. Is your son ready for the next level? What is he doing this summer to earn that spot?

Fresh 30 was born out of need. It is designed to equip younger players with the tools they need to be successful for high school and beyond. Studies have shown that many incoming freshmen where not in the proper shape they needed to be when they started in 9th grade. In addition it took an average of 18 months of consistent weight room training, proper technique coaching, and most importantly proper stretching methods to allow the athletes not only to get stronger in the weight room but also to prevent injuries.

Fresh 30 is designed to get that process jump started. It is available via our Total trainer Virtual coach and if your son is working out with his high school this summer his coach can add team workouts and personal goals to the program.

The Fresh 30 program is part of the MGA training camp after care program and all attendees receive access to the program.

​An example of a work out assignment can be found here

Session #1


This phase is designed to bring out the competitor in our athletes. We put the athletes in competitive situations to help motivate them and access technique while performing. 

We call it the Football Olympics. Athletes are grouped and teams are formed. We then put them thru a series of challenges. Each challenge helps us access the athletes ability to perform in a competitive situation.

This method is very effective in helping us spot break downs in technique  when an athlete has to perform, and can't think about their fundementals.

​LUNCH (provided)


2 minutes to Score.

In this session teams are given 2 minutes to march down the field and score. It is set up in a tournament style format with an eventual champion.

Session #3

Introduction to Total Trainer

Camp Close 3:00 pm