​Speed Schools are held at various locations and times thru out the week. Locations and times for the current week can always be found on the registration form.

​You do not have to register your child for all 3 sessions. They are welcome to attend up to 3 sessions from 1 registration in any combination of days or times.

​All athletes who attend Lightning Speed school receive access to the Youth Total Trainer app. Thru the app they will receive a customized training program designed for them and specific to their sport for speed, strength and agility. ​Each athlete also receives the Lightning Speed Kit which includes the bands, cones, etc. needed for the drills we teach.

Cost : $150.00 3 sessions

Ages 6th thru 9th grade

To register please complete the form on the right after completion you be taken to our registration portal to complete payment. You will also receive a series of emails, they will include:
1) A waiver release form
2) A medical emergency form

Please fill out all forms and bring them to training camp on the day of the event.

Payment must be received in full prior to the start of the event. Sorry but we cannot accept same day registration.

Thanks for choosing us we look forward to working with your child.

​Speed is not genetics, as once thought. It has been scientifically proven that everyone can learn how to increase their speed, quickness and agility. When athletes go to the gym, for example, they usually focus on the traditional exercises. These include traditional bench presses and squats. These exercises are great for developing general strength but do little to nothing for improving agility and speed.  Basically, squatting makes you a better squatter.

In test after test, squats do not help vertical jump. and since we don't run on our arms bench presses would be of little help as well. Squats and presses build slow muscle fiber. We use plyometric and explosive muscle training techniques to build the fast (IIa) muscle fiber and the super-fast (IIb or IIx) muscle fiber.​ Put another way how many 275 pound sprinters do you see in the Olympics? We focus on training the muscles used for running fast.

Lightening Speed School teaches specific methods that have the most impact on sport performances by increasing speed, acceleration, reaction, agility, and quickness. Our complete progression from body control and footwork, to explosive first step, plyometric drills helps athletes in all sports gain an advantage, stand out from the crowd and remain the BIG FISH. We can't promise a D1 scholarship but we can give them the tools to compete for one.

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Big Fish in a small pond, Little Fish in a big pond.
Speed is a skill set and can be improved

The photo above and to the right are just some of the athletes attending a recent college showcase and recruiting event. This reality is what awaits most athletes when they want to take the next step and play at a collegiate level. Quickly they become one of thousands. Everyone on the field is big, strong, fast, and skilled. Each one is a superstar on their team. ​They have all just become little fish in a big pond.

​As athletes advance in age awesome skill sets are not enough to set them apart from their peers anymore. At the upper levels even in select youth sports the cream always has a way of rising to the top. Athletes who are agile, fast, and strong will become the Big fish in the Big pond. Speed and Strength are what makes an athlete stand out. It is often the deciding factor in whether or not an athlete even gets a look.

Look at the photo above or to the right and ask yourself how you would find the best players in those groups. It's a daunting task right? So how do coaches and scouts do it? They look at speed and strength as filters. Why? Because an athlete who is dominant physically but may need additional skill development will always be able to hold their own on the field against an athlete that isn't as strong or fast.