Introducing Total Trainer. Our Virtual Coaching Program.

Every day the landscape gets more competitive, and access to proper training and good coaching are prerequisites to achieve optimal results. Training at a youth level can also be costly and time consuming. 

Youth Total Trainer delivers everything a young athletes needs to train at home, at a fraction of the cost associated with private trainers. From film break down of a throwing motion, to videos demonstrating proper technique for every drill and exercise we teach. Athletes simply have to swipe a finger to access top notch training.  

Athletes get a customized daily training plan delivered via phone, computer, or tablet. Training plans are easy to follow, and include video demonstartions of the exercises and  drills for that particular day. Training is fun, challenging and effective. Best of all they can be performed in the back yard. 

Training cycles and drill work can get monotonous and it’s often hard to see how far you’ve come since you started.  With Total Trainer, kids immediately see their gains and progress toward their goals.

Total Trainer keeps kids motivated with challenges. These challenges allow them to compete for spots on our leader boards. In an instant they are able to see where they rank.    

It's not all about ranking however. Leader Boards are one way we monitor our athletes. This feature allows us to make sure the drills and work outs they doing are producing results.  Practice and training only pay off when they are done correctly. Leader boards are just another tool you, your child and we can use to make sure progress is being made.

What does Total Trainer Cost?

Athletes attending our training camps receive 12 months access to our training programs and drills.

​My child plays multiple sports can they still do the workouts?

​Absolutley, when we customize the workout program we will use cross sport training exercises.

​Do you give athletes feedback?

Yes, we suggest parents download coaches eye, and film their child doing the skill and drills. Parents send us the film we break it down and then go over it with the athlete. This is in addition to motivational comments etc .

​How does my child access the drills and exercises?

All exercises and drills can be found in our library. Each drill or exercise is demonstrated and a written or verbal instruction is also provided.  

My child doesn't play football or soccer how can they access the exercises for speed, strength, agility etc?

Attend a Lightning Speed School training session.

My child plays soccer and football.  Does he have to go to both training camps to have access to drills for both sports?

No, simply let us know on your registration form what sports they play and we will build drills for both sports into their program.

My Child doesn't play either sport. How can they benefit from your programs?

Our skills programs are just one aspect of our training model. Every athlete should be developing their speed, strength and agility as they develop their skill set, so that they can become a more complete athlete.

​Additional Questions? We would love to hear from you. Just hit the contact button above to send us an email.


Finally an App you won't want your child to put down
Compete for Leader status, see, and track progress

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It takes commitment to go through a training program, break through plateaus, and remain motivated. It’s a test of character and will, and keeping kids engaged is often the greatest challenge.

Total trainer allows us to track an athletes activity. A drop in activity could indicate frustration, boredom, or burn out. An increase in activity could lead to over training and injury. We monitor activity to keep athletes on track. Whether it's a thumbs up emoji or motivational message. We are there to make sure they stay on track and have fun doing it.

Keeping Motivation High